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Our company began expanding its loyal consumer base over 12 years ago, and for 3 years running we have steadily increased product shelf space, annual sales, and profits. Although our balance sheet and production lines are humming as new milestones are achieved, our publicly-traded EMPO stock is relatively quiet and unnoticed by Wall Street.

I believe that now is an opportune time for self-directed individual investors to become familiar with Empowered Products' current and future growth phases and the potential of related equity value increases for EMPO shareholders...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Empowered Products a start-up company in the global wellness industry?
What is Empowered Products’ current product scope and sales reach?
Is Empowered Products currently a private company?
What are the near-term growth objectives for Empowered Products?
How can I contact Empowered Products' investor relations?
What is the exchange and ticker symbol for Empowered Products?
How do I inquire about becoming an Empowered Products (EMPO) shareholder?
I am interested in receiving an EMPO Shareholder Information Kit.
How can I get samples of the Empowered Products line of sexual wellness products?
Are your products made in the United States?
How do I place an order with Empowered Products?
Do you have a Store Locator - or can you please provide me with a list of retail locations in my area?
Does Empowered Products offer coupons for its PINK and GunOil products?
Are you products shipped in discreet packaging?
Where can I find more information about wholesale accounts?
Does Empowered Products offer international distribution?
Does Empowered Products offer in-store trainings?
Does Empowered Products supply samples for large events?
Does Empowered Products still offer Jack Jelly?
Are your products vegetarian/vegan friendly?
What's the best way to clean silicone-based lubricants in the event of a spill?


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Empowered Products Sets Course
for European Expansion
Empowered Products as an
Advantageous Growing-Stock Situation
Empowered Products Delivers Strong
U.S. Sales for PINK & Gun Oil in Q1 2014
Empowered Products' Annual Revenues Rise
by More Than 50 Percent in Fiscal 2013


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