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The Empowered Path Products
Provisions for Your Self-Empowerment
The Empowered-ME Pack
Complete Love-of-Self System
for mind-body harmony
BUY NOW   $89.95
Early-Morning Rejuvenation
Aroma of Cardamom for the Mind
Touch of Ginseng for the Body
BUY NOW   $19.95
Mid-Morning Circulation
Aroma of Ashwagandha for the Mind
Touch of Ginkgo for the Body
BUY NOW   $19.95
Midday Metabolism
Aroma of Lavender for the Mind
Touch of Ginger for the Body
BUY NOW   $19.95
Mid-Afternoon Energy/Focus
Aroma of Peppermint for the Mind
Touch of St. John’s Wort for the Body
BUY NOW   $19.95
Evening Calm to Rest
Aroma of Valerian for the Mind
Touch of Magnesium for the Body
BUY NOW   $19.95
All Food-Based
BUY NOW   $10.95
Sutra CBD
All Food-Based + CBD
BUY NOW   $39.95

Gateway to Applied Knowledge
Mindfulness in Plain English
20th Anniversary Edition
BUY NOW   $16.95
Wherever You Go, There You Are
Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life
BUY NOW   $17.00
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga
A Guide to Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit
BUY NOW   $14.95
PINK© Products
Intimate Lubricants and Sensual Wellness
PINK Silicone
Premium silicone-based lube
BUY NOW   $15.50
PINK Water
Premier water-based lube
BUY NOW   $9.95
Special warming lubricant
BUY NOW   $13.25
PINK Frolic
Water-based toy lube
BUY NOW   $9.95
PINK Unity
Hybrid gel lubricant
BUY NOW   $19.95
PINK Indulgence Crème
Water-based crème lube
BUY NOW   $14.25
PINK Sparkle
Premium toy cleaner
BUY NOW   $9.50
PINK Natural
Water-based with Organic Aloe Vera
BUY NOW   $10.95
Single-Use Samples
BUY NOW   $75.00
For more on the Pink-Logo product line visit www.PinkForUs.com
Gun Oil© Products
Personal Lubricants for Men
Gun Oil Silicone
Premium silicone-based lubricant
BUY NOW   $13.95
Gun Oil H2O
Premier water-based lubricant
BUY NOW   $8.95
Force Recon
Revolutionary hybrid gel
BUY NOW   $19.95
Gun Oil Gel
Water-based with natural antimicrobials
BUY NOW   $9.95
Stroke 29
Durable cream for consistent glide
BUY NOW   $18.95
Gun Oil Loaded
Créme combo of water and silicone
BUY NOW   $11.99
Fetish by Gun Oil
Silicone dressing aid & garment conditioner
BUY NOW   $12.95
Single-Use Samples
50ct Samples Bags for Parties, Trips
BUY NOW   $75.00
Gun Oil Shine
Foaming Toy Cleanser
BUY NOW   $9.50
For more on the Pink-Logo product line visit www.GunOil.com


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